The Netherlands – Rotterdam and Den Haag

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Although The Netherlands is a great place to bike to go from one city or town to another, I chose to take train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Differ from the big city Amsterdam, Rotterdam is much quieter city. The city has modern architecture and beautiful harbour. Unfortunately, the museums there were not opened on Monday; that limit my adventure in Rotterdam. Markthal was my favourite place where they sold local Dutch delicacies such as warm stroopwafel, raw herrings, all kind of sausages, bread, Dutch cheese, poffertjes, Dutch meatballs and so many other delicious food. The French weed smoker I met in the hostel told me that the quality of weed in Rotterdam is so much better than Amsterdam and sold for cheaper price.

Markthal – The market in the middle covered with transparent glass and apartments enclose the market.

MarkthalIMG_2095 IMG_2097 IMG_2099 IMG_2101

Yes, I stayed in a hostel. It was for the first time I was staying in a mixed dorm hostel with 6 beds. I met nice and interesting roommates. Two of them (Spanish and Greek guys) were just started working in Rotterdam and in search for a proper accommodation. They are staying in the hostel for 2 weeks or more. Apparently it was difficult to find a long term accomodation there. There is a German lad who was doing help exchange. He works for the hostel 5 days a week for 3-4 hours a day. He was a very nice lad. The last guy was from Azerbaijan. He was a master student in search for proper flat. He smoked lots of weed and mostly in ‘high’ state when I see him. It was difficult to communicate with him most of the time. Then there was an Italian folk singer who was doing her tour around pubs and hostels in western Europe. I loved all my roommates, especially the Italian artist. She had her gig at our hostel on my second day. Love her songs, love her voice and most of all, I love her personality. A positive, cheerful and kind woman. She taught me Italian and laughed at my accent. Her name was Linda Sutti and if you are into folk/blues/pop music, do check her out! After one year of travel, perhaps that was the best hostel experience I have had. It was a pretty good hostel, but meeting good friends was what made it special. I would say if you travel alone, do stay in hostel so that you do not feel lonely and gather up your courage to initiate conversation. You will find that it is easy to make a new friend!

Den Haag

From Rotterdam, I spent a day in Den Haag visiting palaces and museums. I visited Benninhof, Maurithuis museum, Noordeinde palais, Peace palace, Gementee museums, International forum building where it has flags for most countries (if not all) in the world and Madurodam. My favorite spots were Benninhof and Peace palace. Benninhof is the place where the government activities happen. The courtyard is open for public and filled with visitors. There were policemen riding horses around the building. They are the most beautiful horses I have seen in my life (not that I have seen many). Peace Palace is very beautiful palace with beautiful well maintain courtyard. Unfortunately I was not able to enter the palace because entry requires prior appointment. Madurodam is the place where Holland is presented in miniatures. A very interesting and neat place indeed! I love my trip to Den Haag.

Binnenhof – the office for The Netherlands Prime Minister and meeting place for States General and Ministry of General Affairs
Polices on beautiful horses in front of Binnenhof
Binnenhof courtyard
The Hague’s Binnenhof with the Hofvijver lake
Maurithuis where the painting ‘Girl with the pearl earring’ is!

IMG_2135 IMG_2134

2015-10-06 13.22.47
Panorama Mesdag – cylindrical painting by Hendrik Willem Mesdag

2015-10-06 13.22.32

Peace Palace
Peace Palace
Madurodam- display of Holland miniature buildings
Peace Palace miniature

IMG_2173 IMG_2185IMG_2204 IMG_2214

Eight days in The Netherlands went by really quick. I had amazing time in The Netherlands. Enjoying all the cities attractions, museums, the transportation, the people I met, the food and places where I stay. In my bus to Berlin, I thought to myself how great my trip was and how I loved meeting the people I met. Thank you Holland for beautiful memories. Dankjewel! Tot Ziens!

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