Czech Republic – Prague

Prague – The City of a Hundred Spires

A short visit to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic gave me a glimpse of Central Europe. The city gave the feeling of old medieval Europe; the buildings, the street and the history that accompany it. It was beautiful in its on way. The city is located on Vitara River and has had its glory in the past being political, economical and cultural centre of Central Europe. After going through different era and glory, it is left with a number of famous cultural attractions. Here are the summary of my visit to Prague.

We took bus in the morning from our motel to city centre. It was mid October, the sun shone but the air was cold. It did not stop Prague from looking so pretty. We walked pass The Concert Hall, University and other pretty buildings with character.

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Places to visit

  1. Old Town Square was much visited, there were stalls selling local souvenirs, blacksmith making small metal pieces and of course food stalls.
    Old Town Square

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  2. Famous Prague Astronomical Clock or Prague Orloj at Old Town Square. The clock was installed in 1410 and is the oldest astronomical clock that is still running. The clock has stationary background, shows the position of the sun and the moon, calendar and zodiac. It was very impressive. Hundreds of visitor will try their best to get a good shot of the clock, I am not an exception.

    Prague Orloj made by Mikuláš of Kadaň and Jan Šindel
  3. Jewish Quarter (Josehov) is located north of Old Town Square and easily accessible by feet. There I visited 4 out of 6 Jewish Synagogues which is generally build lower than the ground. The history mentioned of Jewish being limited to settle in one area.

    One of the synangogue
  4. Franz Kafka Museum. Franz Kafka is one of the famous German speaking Jewish writer born in Prague. He was regarded as one of the most influential writer in 20th century literature. My friend and I were informed that in order to get half priced ticket for Kafka Museum, we ought to buy the ticket from Mucha Museum, and so we did. It works the other way around too. It was an interesting visit reading about his life and main theme of his writings.
  5.  Prague Castle is recorded as the largest ancient castle in the world. It is a castle complex consists of churches, halls, palaces and garden. It is currently the residential of the president of Czeck Republic. Located ontop of the hill, I had to climb sets of stairs to reach the castle. The castle is guarded and many of its area is open for public. It definitely worth visiting. Beautiful castle complex overlooking the city of Prague.
    Entrance to Prague Castle

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  6. Charles Bridge. We end our day by crossing Charles bridge back to the Old town. It is a historical long and wide bridge that connect the Castle to the Old Town. The bridge has 3 gothic tower on each side and decorated by continues alley of 20 statues and statuaries. There were street performers performed along the bridge. An enjoyable evening walk across the bridge with stunning view from each side. Perhaps this is my favourite part of the city apart from the food.
    Tower on one side of Charles Bridge

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  7. Suggestion: Narodni Museum. If you are a fan of music, this perhaps is the must visit place. Beautiful building with interesting instruments and musical history (from what I have heard). I did not go there myself but my friend did and she really enjoyed it.
  8. Night at Old Town Square – Do not go home too early as there are more people at Old Town Square, live music performances, pubs, restaurant and food stalls. So, spend you afternoon admiring these medieval buildings under the sunset. Beautiful indeed!2015-10-11-12-06-06 2015-10-11-12-06-13 2015-10-11-18-35-31 2015-10-11-17-34-58

Tips travelling in Prague

  1. Accomodation: In general, travelling in Prague is cheaper than in Western Europe. If you need to have your own space after staying in backpackers for too long, this is a place you can afford a private room. And get accomodation that is further away from town as it is cheaper and bus can be easily accessible to take you to town
  2. Most of tourist attraction is within walking distance of the old town square, so don’t bother buying a day pass bus ticket.
  3. Food is cheap and delicious. You should definitely try Prague Ham, Bramboraky (Potato pancake with ham), Smazeny Syr (fried cheese) Goulash with dumplings and Langos (fried bread with cheese). For those with sweet tooth, make sure you try kolace and trdelnik (cinnamon sugar pastry baked on coal). Delicious!!!
  4. Prague beer and wine! Cheap and yummy. Try pivo beer and their hot wine. Wine is so cheap here.
  5. If you are really on budget, go to supermarket and get good bread, variety of cured meat and cheese and enjoy yourself! Don’t forget to get a bottle or two wine while you are in the supermarket.


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