Austria – Salzburg and Innsbruck

Popular design for Austria souvenirs as a respond to misconception people often have towards Austria

For a short trip in Austria, I decided to go to Salzburg and Innsbruck. I wish I have gone to Vienna too. Perhaps I will be one day back in the land of mountains and the land of rivers, Austria.



Salzburg is one of Austria tourist destination and famous as the birthplace of legendary Mozart and the setting of classic movie, The Sound of Music. I have lived for 10 years in New Zealand and only recently managed to watch the movie after pressure from friends. Being in English country, I felt that it is a requirement to watch the movie. And I love the movie.
Salzburg is also popular because it is a nice city with the view of Eastern Alps and beautiful baroque architecture on the Altstadt (Old town) side of the city. New town and the Salzach river that divide the old town and new town are (in my humble opinion) nice place to walk through.

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Netherlands – Ede Wageningen

My big trip has finally begun with The Netherlands or Holland as my first stop. The view from the sky (aeroplane) gave me impression that the country was a well organised country with lots of green area and good irrigation. Landed at Schipol airport, Amsterdam, I could not wait to take train to go to Wageningen to meet and stay with a good friend of mine for two days. As expected, the airport and train station was neat and tidy with clear signs to follow.¬†Although English is not Holland’s first language, everyone here speak very good English. The people were very friendly and always willing to help a visitor like me. I got through the immigration without any problem and soon found the train to take and the way to the platform. The helpful signs and friendly Netherlanders gave me immediate fondness towards the place. Perhaps because I am Indonesian raised with Dutch influence due to our country connection.

Holding my passport, the immigration officer asked where I came from for he could not figure my accent.


IMG_1799I loved the view from the train; lots of green paddocks with good irrigation and cows in it. Arriving at Ede-Wageningen train station, I looked for a bus that would take me to ¬†my friend’s place. Perhaps because of pity (or kindness) seeing an Asian girl carrying a big backpack, the driver gave me a free ride to my destination. Being one of the student cities, it has diverse student accomodation. My friend lived in a studio which actually is a room in a big metal container. Nonetheless, it was very cosy and the window let us star gaze in clear night sky! Continue reading “Netherlands – Ede Wageningen”