Germany – Berlin and Schloss Neuschwanstein



Berlin is a big city and the transport system is much more complicated. Yep, transport was indeed the first thing I noticed from Berlin; that was because I arrived there late at night and all I wanted to do is heading to my friend’s place. Thought it would be easy and straight forward but I got lost in no time; I relied on saved google instruction from when I had access to internet last. Because the instruction given was wrong, I relied on a kind Berliner to show me the way. Berlin has S-Bahn, U-bahn, Tram and bus. It cost me Є2.7 for a single trip and Є6.9 for a day trip

Germany is one of the biggest and most influential country in Europe. The dark time of Germany during Hitler time and cold war are recorded in museums and the historical spots such as Berlin wall and concentration camp. Those places are kept to remember what happened in the past. Germans have big heart for admitting the bad they have done in the past and moving on from the past trying to live a better life. Amazing country with amazing people! Most of these memorial places are free for visitors.

The atmosphere in Berlin is certainly different. Big city, more people, more places to visit, more food to eat and more things to do. I was staying with a friend who is a student in one of the university in Berlin. Here, university is free both for domestic and International student. The living cost is much lower compared to The Netherlands and more events are happening around town.

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