First Thanksgiving on My First Visit to The USA

Turkducken experience in Colorado 2015

Last year I embarked on my overseas travel to few countries across the ocean. I went to few places that I really wanted to visit in mind and others were based on spontaneity, invites from friends and other circumstances. As for thanksgiving, an American friend I met while I was in university invited me to celebrate it with her family in Colorado, USA. So I made sure that I was in Colorado then.

Few days before thanksgiving, I arrived in the US. My friend picked me up from Denver airport and took me to her house and introduced me to her family in Fort Collins.


That was my first American experience, staying in American house and eating American food. She was trying to give me as much American experiences as she could; especially in terms of food because she knew how much I love food. Continue reading “First Thanksgiving on My First Visit to The USA”