The Netherlands – Rotterdam and Den Haag

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Although The Netherlands is a great place to bike to go from one city or town to another, I chose to take train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Differ from the big city Amsterdam, Rotterdam is much quieter city. The city has modern architecture and beautiful harbour. Unfortunately, the museums there were not opened on Monday; that limit my adventure in Rotterdam. Markthal was my favourite place where they sold local Dutch delicacies such as warm stroopwafel, raw herrings, all kind of sausages, bread, Dutch cheese, poffertjes, Dutch meatballs and so many other delicious food. The French weed smoker I met in the hostel told me that the quality of weed in Rotterdam is so much better than Amsterdam and sold for cheaper price.

Markthal – The market in the middle covered with transparent glass and apartments enclose the market.

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New Zealand budget trip – Rotorua and Taupo

Coming back from a year of travel, I am now home and looking for a new job. Because I did not know when the job will come, I decided to turn my waiting time into traveling within New Zealand. There is so much to discover here in New Zealand. Every turn has its own beauty. I decided to explore Rotorua and Taupo. These are two known tourist destinations in the North Island. New Zealand can be expensive to travel in because of the cost of accomodation, transport and food. I am currently travelling on a shoestring budget because I am jobless.

As two of the main tourist destinations, Rotorua and Taupo have many commercial touristic destinations. They charge steep price, and adding accomodation, tours and meals… it is not a holiday I can afford. But as I said earlier, there is beauty in every part of New Zealand. Let me take you through to my findings in Rotorua and Taupo that make them places to visit even for people on a budget.


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